VolcanoBox V1.7.9 Can make any Samsung & LG UART cables even C3303K,S7070 etc.

...VolcanoBox 1.7.9...

Whats new ?

World's 1st

Now you can use Your Volcano box as any UART & Ignition CABLE !!

what does it's means ?

it's mean now you can use your Volcanobox as any UART Cable or any Ignition cable for Samsung , LG etc. Cables which use Resistance to short any pin to GND. let me give you example. Samsung C3303K Uart cable. this cable have 1- VCC, 2- RX, 3- TX, 4 short with 510K Resistor with pin number 5, 5- GND. as you see this cable Short 2 pins each other. this cable Short pin 5 and pin 4 with 510 K resistance,

This is Schismatics of Samsung C3303K working cable

Fig. 01

as you can see in Fig. 01 schismatics of Samsung C3303K cable it's shot 2 pins with 510K resistor like this any cable of any BRAND which use resistance between any two pins like short GND with pin number 4 with 100K resistance or Short VCC with pin number 3 with 560K or any thing like this you can use your Volcanobox.... and No need to buy many cables....

How can i use this ?

Connect your desire phone to volcanobox
Make sure you connect your phone with correct way
Open volcanobox
Go to Detect tab
Drag and Drop your desire pinout funtion to Desire pins
for example you want to set Samsung C3303K cable for this you have to set like this
Drag and Drop Vcc to pin number 1
Drag and Drop Rx to pin number 2
Drag and Drop Tx to pin number 3
Drag and Drop REA to pin number 4
Drag and Drop GND to pin number 5
Drag and Drop REB to pin number 5
Set Resistance Value 510K
Click on set pinout
SetVolcanobox comport to your desire software like Z3x
take volcano main cable out ( mobile must be connected with cable but main cable disconnected from volcano box)
press your desire action like read info from your desire software like z3x
when your desire software like z3x says connect cable and press power
then insert main cable to volcanobox
press power button if necessary

Quick Review


This is was Example of Samsung C3303K cable... you can make any other cable such as Samsung S7070, Samsung i9250 etc...

No need to buy more cables if you have Volcanobox in your Service Center

Customer : can you please unlock my S7070
Shop keeper : Yes i can please give me your phone
Customer : ok but i need it urgent i can't give you more than 10 mins
Shop keeper : Sure sir please sit down on chair
Customer : ok thanks you. take it and please give me my phone unlocked in 10 mins
Shop keeper after 5 mins : Oops sorry sir i have it's software but i have not it's cable. can you please give me one hour i will arrange and will unlock your phone.
Customer : No i need it now.
Shop keeper : ok sir wait let me call to my Friend
Customer : ok but do it fast
Shop keeper : Calling to his Friend
Shop keeper's Friend : Hello
Shop keeper : Hi bro. i need S7070 cable Urgent. i have one customer he want to unlock his phone now. i have software for unlock but i have not it's cable
Shop keeper's Friend : ooh no.. did you purchased Volcano ?
Shop keeper : no i don't purchase it yet. but why you asking ?
Shop keeper's Friend : i told you to purchase Volcanobox, it's very usefull now Volcanobox give update which can make any cable
Shop keeper : oooo really ?
Shop keeper's Friend : Yes
Shop keeper : ok i will purchase today evening but what i can do now ?
Shop keeper's Friend : sorry bro i also not have cable. i am also using VolcanoBox as my Ultimate UART cable... Don't worry if you want to purchase may i send my boy to you with Your NEW VOLCANOBOX ? so you can unlock your all phones and you don't need to worry about your cables ?
Shop keeper : yes please send me now i will pay to your boy at the same time
Shop keeper's Friend : ok Friend i am sending you my boy please pay him as you got box
Shop keeper : ok thanks alot
Shop keeper to Customer : sir your phone will be unlock in maximum 10 mins
Customer : ok no problem
Boy while entering in shop : Hello sir. i came in 5 mins... here is your VolcanoBox
Shop keeper : Thanks bro here is your payment
Boy : Thanks you
Shop Keeper install Volcanobox 1.7.9 as he downloaded right after he call end, Shop keep unlock his phone in 2 mins with Help of VolcanoBox
Shop keeper to Customer : Sir here is your mobile. it's unlocked and it's ready..
Customer : Great you really save my time
Shop keeper : Sir honestly Volcanobox Save your time.. Thanks to Volcanobox

Happy Ending

as you see in this little Story how volcanobox is great....

So which Shop owner still not have or which Service center still not have why and for what you are waiting for ?
Grab your VolcanoBox while it's hot in Winters too

Do you want to have this feature in other chinese box or any other box ? You have only 2 option
1. Wait until the end of time cause it will never come. Cause their hardware can't support this
2. Wait until the end of time cause it will never come. Cause their hardware can't support this

Click here to download VolcanoBox 1.7.9.. Your Ultimate UART & Ignition Cable Junction !!

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