Hwk USE Panel V - Upgrade/Installation/Support Server Problems

@ UFSx+HWK User

Post all your Upgrade/Installation/Support Server Problem Here.!!

HWK Upgrade Server Status:- Online

HWK Support Server Status:- Online
  • Posts which Contains HWK HID Number will be Deleted/Suspended/Blocked on Server without any Notice.
  • Do not post your HWK HID in any Forum.
  • Do not use any 3rd party tools to Fix UFS or HWK problems. ex. reg, ufstool etc etc
  • For BOX_AUTH_ERROR:20, 32 & 52
  • Unexpected exception:box_auth error 1- Change Cable Or Box Damage
  • Authentication stage error: Error: Server returned unrecognized reply Use Latest Update :- 
  • XXXXX ... Please contact your reseller! Contact YOUR Reseller
  • Bad environment clean system from obsollete usb driver - Install latest USB drivers.
  •  UFSx+HWK Install Files Mirrors & Install Instructions 100% Working

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