How to Use 3D Maps on the iPad or Phone

With the launch of iOS 6, iPad and iPhone users will now have the ability to view 3D maps on their devices. Curious how you can get in on this 3D mapping action? Then continue reading below for instructions on how to use 3D maps on the iPad and iPhone.

To clear up any misconceptions, you’re not going to be needing special glasses because this is not “Avatar throw your popcorn in the air” 3D. This 3D map mode provides three-dimensional renderings of things such as buildings and so on. It can be viewed “Standard” map mode or “Satellite” mode, which overlays aerial photography onto the 3D geometry.

Apple is dropping Google Maps as the mapping service that powers the Maps app and is instead rolling out their own mapping service. This has been made possible by Apple’s acquisition of multiple companies over the last several years. Let’s take a look at each of these companies annual reports. Not interested? Ok, let’s just focus on how to turn on 3D maps on your iPad or iPhone.

You Will Need:
1. Open the Maps app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Navigate to whatever location you wish to view in 3D.
3. Touch the “3D” button in the bottom left of the screen to enable 3D. Once you are in 3D mode, you can switch to Satellite view just as you would in normal 2D maps by touching the “peeling paper” button in the bottom right of the screen and selecting “Satellite”.
4. To change the angle that you are viewing the 3D maps, swipe the screen up and down with 2 fingers.
5. To turn off 3D, simply touch “3D” again to go back to Standard view.

Note that not all locations will have 3D buildings available, but this will improve over time as Apple builds out the database.

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