iOS 6 Full Guide Features &Download & Install (How To)

As you know, Apple has released iOS 6 full version and you can upgrade your device now to iOS 6. We will give you the full guide for the iOS 6 features, download and how to upgrade to iOS 6.

Contents of the guide

1 : Supported devices.
2 : The most advantages of iOS 6.
3 : Notes before the update.
4 : Basic steps before the update.
5 : The difference between the Update and the Restore.
6 : Automatic update steps.
7 : Manual update steps. (Recommended)
8 : Questions and Answers. (FAQ)
9 : After update.

Supported devices

iPhone 4S
iPhone 4
iPhone 3GS
The new iPad
iPad 2
iPod Touch 4G

The most advantages of iOS 6

There are more than 200 additional features as Apple has announced. Some of these features is not important and some is very wonderful. Let’s show the new features of iOS 6.

1- Facebook integration

Apple has merged Facebook in the phone. Register your account once in the device settings and then you can share your location on the map, pictures directly from the camera, and you will not lose after that any event or occasion because all your events will integrate with Facebook events, also all your data on Facebook will integrate with your recorded data on your device.

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2- New Apple maps

Apple has replaced Google Maps for the first time since releasing the iPhone. Apple presented its 3D Maps instead of Google Maps. The new Apple maps were designed “Vector” that means if you zoom in any map many times the details and written text will appear clearly.

It is smoother than Google Maps. Apple has merged spoken directions to the maps in order to not disrupt driving. And real-time traffic information. (Some services are not available in all countries).

3- Siri Improvements

Siri will be available on the new iPad. It has become supporting more languages and accents.(Arabic not supported) It also offers more services, such as the possibility of opening an application or update the status on Facebook or send tweets and search for restaurants and the results of the matches and others.

4- Shared Photo Streams

Now you can share your photos with your friends. They can see and comment on it and you will receive an alert that one of your friends has commented on your photos, even if they do not have an iPhone.

5- Passbook App

Tickets, coupons, subscriptions and more are now available in one place (Passbook). You can check the dates of aircraft, the validity of coupons, when to start an event, Passbook can alert you, if there is any change emergency in take-off the aircraft, for example, or change the exit gate.

6- Safari improvements

Now iCloud has become supporting Safari. It saves and synchronizes the sites that you opened from any device so you can leave your iPhone in charging for example and open Safari on your iPad to find the same sites which was opening in your iPhone and you can resume your browsing. And you can now upload the images and videos to different sites.

7- Phone improvements

Apple added in iOS 6 the possibility to refuse any incoming call and respond to the caller by message automatically or ask the phone to remind you reconnect again later or in specific place for example, ask it to mention you reconnect this friend when you back home.

Apple added DND feature (Do Not Disturb) that enables you to ignore all incoming calls except specific persons you can choose them by yourself for example your director in the work.

8- FaceTime improvements

FaceTime is now working through the mobile network as well as Wi-Fi so you can connect with your friends everywhere. And and you can also receive video calls on your iPad.

9- Mail improvements

E-mail was redesigned to be easier to write and read your emails. Apple also added VIP mailbox to quickly access mail from important people. And you can customize a tone for them. You can also insert photos and videos when composing email.

10- Accessibility improvements

More features were added to make iPhone easier to use for those which have difficulties in vision, learning, hearing or movement in order to get the benefits of iPhone. Apple was also added advantages to help them to focus on the content. For example the teacher or father can determine the usage of the child for the device on a specific application by turning off Home Button and they can block touch in specific locations of the screen. Apple also updated the reader Voice Over. It can enable persons which have troubles in vision to hear the content which is viewed on the screen. They can move between languages smoothly and rapidly and it became supporting maps.

Notes before the update

Before updating your device you must take into account the following points, which may lead you to postpone this update:

1- Wait for several days to see the effects of this update on the devices of others to see the problems of the new iOS. (optional)

2- If your device is locked on a particular network and used jailbreak and software to unlock this lock or use Gevey SIM, don’t update your device until releasing new jailbreak and new unlock for iOS 6 or new Gevey SIM, where this update will lead to lock your device.

3- If you’re using jailbreak and do not want to lose its features and the applications do not update you device until appearing new jailbreak, where you will lose access to those applications that you download from Cydia and any other properties and settings related to this jailbreak.

Basic steps before the update
Before you connect your iPhone to the computer and download and install the update, you must do the following steps:

iTunes 10.7

1- Update iTunes to the latest version, iTunes 10.7 and you can do this as follows:

For MAC devices from —- Apple menu > Software Update

For Windows devices from —- Help > Software Update

You can also download iTunes latest version manually from Apple’s site and install it from< here>

2- Update all applications in your iPhone: so make sure it’s compatible with iOS 6 by visiting App Store from your iPhone. You will see on the top right of its icon the number of applications which is updated and then run App Store and go to the tab “updates” and press “update all” as you see in the image above.

3- Backup:

The process of upgrading to a new iOS or update your iPhone could delete your data on iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad fully, So you can backup your data in tow ways:

a- iCloud:

You can backup automatically from iCloud, if you activate it by going to Settings > iCloud and choose from the bottom of the page “Storage & Backup” and activate “iCloud Backup”.

If the service is pre-activated, you will find in the bottom of the page time of last sync and backup copies and you can Press on the “back up now” to make a backup copy before updating.

This method is wonderful, but if your device has a large number of books and files you might find the space exceeded 1GB or more and we need long hours to download the backup, especially servers of Apple will face a lot of pressure and the download speed will be very slow, so we prefer to make the backup by iTunes.

b- iTunes (Recommended):

We recommend this way for anyone who has a large space backup and so that you can restore the contents of your device quickly.

To back up by iTunes, you must close update through iCloud. You can repeat the steps above but this time turn off “iCloud Backup”.

And then through iTunes make a backup:

Press Back Up (from the left menu right click on the image of iPhone and select Back Up) and then this version can be restored later by the Restore button from iTunes as well.

4- Copy properties and notes (optional):

You can save your notes and settings by taking screen shots and keep it to go back when you need. You can take the screen shot by hold down the home button and then hit the sleep button.

5- Transfer all purchases applications from your device to iTunes to be able to restore it after installing the new iOS. You can do that by right click on the image of iPhone (from the left menu) and choose Transfer purchases as you see in the following image:

If your Note app contains important texts, you can send it via email to make sure it will never be lost.(It is usually kept through synchronization).

Updating your device

1- Update from your device directly:

Open Settings>General> Software Update

Press “Download and Install” (requires a free space in your device not less than 2.5 GB in iPhone 4S and increases in iPad)

Previous method may not succeed with you, if your device contains jailbreak. You must update in this case by iTunes.

2- Update by iTunes:

The difference between the Update and the Restore

Before we start the update, we must remember the difference between Restore and Update.


It is the process of updating your device automatically, where iTunes will download the update file from Apple site and update your device automatically and you will not loss any data. (but you have to take a backup as we mentioned above to ensure there are no casual problems).

Update usually not suitable for those who have Jailbreak in their device.

Connect your device with computer and open iTunes then press Update button as you see in the image below:

The following message will appear just press Download and Update:
The following message will appear, click Next and agree to any message will appear.

ios 6 software update

Now the process of downloading the update file and updating your device will be start.

Note the updating will take some time (the size of the update about 950 MB).

After update, browse your iPhone and make sure your settings are correct (your email, calendar, contacts) through Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and make sure that all your accounts are exist. And if you find anything missing, restore from backup that you took as we mentioned above.


Manual update (Recommended):

This method is preferred and suitable for everyone, especially those who have Jailbreak, but it will delete all the contents of your device, so don’t forget to take a backup before manual update to restore your data from it after that.

You can do the update manually by downloading the update file from the following links. The update file size is very large and the internet may disconnect before downloading the whole file, so use downloads management applications:

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4

iPhone 3GS

iPad 2 WiFi

iPad 2 3G

iPad 3 WiFi

iPad 3 3G

iPod 4G

After download finished, Connect your device to your computer and then go to iTunes and press the Restore button with the Options button in Mac or Restore button with Shift button in Windows (Make sure that the file extension is IPSW otherwise change it manually to IPSW) a window will appear to choose from it the downloaded file and then the update process will be start.


Will I lose my jailbreak if I update my device?

Yes, if you want to preserve the jailbreak do not update now.

If I updated my device, all my applications and contents will be deleted?

No, you should review the explanation again, there is a difference between Update and Restore in the end, if you have a backup copy you can restore everything.

iTunes gives me an error when I try to update, what can I do?

Make sure you have the latest version from iTunes, and use the manual method in the update.

I’m sure I have the latest version from iTunes, but still there is an error, what should I do?

You can wait and try again later. May be there is a pressure on Apple site. You can put your device on DFU mode (as you see in the image below) and try again

I can not upgrade my device I tried everything and still iTunes gives me errors, please I want a solution?

Search for the error number in Google and see what is the problem, and the better solution is to try to upgrade your device from another computer.

Can I go back to the previous iOS (Downgrade) if I did not like the new iOS?

The mater is complicated, and revert to the previous version of iOS will affect your device because the Base Band will not be back. So save your time and do not update unless you are sure.

After update

If you apply the previous steps, the update will succeed.

Note the first synchronization between your iPhone and iTunes will take some time about 15 min because iTunes will transfer the stored data in your computer to your iPhone, and when it completed, you will notice that even opened pages in Safari before update are still found also your settings and data remained as they are. At that time we can say that the update process was successful.

Note : the current jailbreak is not fit for this iOS and we do not know the time of releasing the new jailbreak and when it release, we will announce on the site.

Updating your device is your responsibility and usage of this information incorrectly may lead to loss your data.

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