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NOTE: I do not take credit for any of the work by respective developers. I'm a lame user and that's my best quality. I would prefer things to be simple enough, if not I find one.

So for those who have been looking around for a Nokia Lumia 710 FULL UNLOCK and are jumbled with programs X, Y and Z and files A, B, C; everything seems right when your are following some steps and then, at some point of time, unfortunately for some it stuck and sucks. I've tried many things and the following is the one I like the most and find the easiest. Best of all, you don't have to worry about the DLOAD.

NOTE: One small mistake and you might brick the phone, so be careful.. I or the developers nor the forum is anyway responsible for your loss. But if you be careful, you won't have to worry.

READ the entire post and understand BEFORE you TRY

Step 1:
Download the required softwares.
( All required files are hyper-linked below )
i)> NSS PRO 0.48 or NSS PRO 0.51
ii)> QUALCOMM BOOTLOADER for Lumia 710
iii)> Depending on your system configuration, Windows USB Drivers either x86 or x64

iv)> Any one of your desired Custom ROM :
A. Rataplan V6.0 is based on Nokia firmware 7.10.8862.144 ,
B. Lumiatrix^8 V 5.1 based on 7.10.8835.35
C. Reality ROM based on 7.10.8858.136
D. fabiode34's Custom ROM
NOTE: You need only one ROM. so pick any. I've been using RATAPLAN's ROM.

Do Not Forget to thanks the Developer, whose ROM you are using.
Step 2:
Once you have all the files with you do prepare the program files for the FLASH.
a. Install the USB driver as per your system.
b. Extract the bootloader to a folder. You will get the following two files
c. Extract the NSS to a folder
Now copy the two bootloader files to the following folder within NSS folder
Extract the Custom ROM to a folder. You should get a .nb file. If not, try another ROM
IF you did the steps as stated, you are all ready.
Now before proceeding, make sure you have Enough battery back up on your phone and for the PC/Laptop (in case there is a powercut and you don't have enough backup, you won't have to but another paperweight.).
Step 3:
Flash your phone:
Did I Miss Something. No. You don't have to check for DLOAD. Not for Lumia 710. I already made it clear.
a. Connect your phone to PC. You don't have to do any button pressing or have to go to recovery mode.
b. Launch the NssPro.exe from the NSS folder in admin mode. Grant all the permissions the application asks for, if any.
When the allpication window is launched, make sure you know what is where. Use the snap for reference

Make sure, you select the USB port from port selection and alllow the application to detect the phone.
Once the application detects the phone it will show "Nokia USB connectivity.
Change the application mode to FLASHING
On the right side select WP7 Tools. You will get the Bootloader tools.
c. Now refer the following screenshot and proceed.

i. In Advance Connectivity section select NORMAL Mode and then WP7 Qualcomm, if it does not detect automatically.
ii. In Bootloader tool select the OS file and locate your CUSTOM ROM to it.

Once you proceed further there is no going back. So be careful. Make sure that you have all the files in place as stated earlier and also you have installed all the drivers. Use CUSTOM ROMs for Lumia 710 only (Either your own or reliable developers). When Windows asks for format, ignore it. Do not respond to any pop up from any application other than the NSS. You should not leave the PC unattended for whatsoever reason. NEVER choose YES for FORMAT, simply close it.
iii. Hit the install. When asks for confirmation, select yes.
Wait for a while. Do Not Panic. Phone will go blank and will start in NAND DISK mode in a while. The connectivity mode will switch to NAND DISK DRIVE mode.
. If Format option pop-ups, Select NO.
iv. Check the advance connectivity mode, and set as stated earlier to NORMAL and WP7 Qualcomm.
v. Hit the Write OS in the Bootloader tools. Wait for a while (usually 5 to 10 mins) Be patient. NSS will ask to restart the phone.
You cannot restart the phone. Take the battery out. Then again put it back and boot the phone.
Close the NSS tool and any other pop-ups.
Your phone is now unlocked and loaded with a custom ROM
Step 4.
Your phone is ready to be used if you have used a correct ROM.

Sometimes, if you install a locked ROM or on on a Locked phone, your phone will be locked for LIVE ID usage. you'll have to ACTIVATE the phone to use LIVE login. You can still use other features though. Do not worry, as activation is as simple as chatting with a buddy. Just CLICK HERE and use chat and ask the customer care executive for activation code. They will need few of the details of the phone, and they will give the code. use this code to unlock LIVE usage.
Once again, I take no credit for the work. I'm just sharing the info in a clean manner. I use the method and works for me. Your Phone Your responsibility.

All links were alive when posting. If any link is dead, PM me. Response will not be prompt, but I'll make sure I respond to your requests

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