How To Nokia Lumia 710 downloader One key tool for flashing custom ROM GUide

You can use NSS:

or via normal flashing with Nokia Care Suite: I've got a Lumia 710 how can I downgrade my bootloader to the Qualcomm one?)

to downgrade OSBL of 710, and then use this tool for install a custom rom!

The function is similar as dd and the newest version of NSS:

the different is this tools can skip your DPP and USP partition when install a custom rom, so that your KEY will not be overwrite by the custom rom file

1, Unlock the OSBL of Nokia Lumia 710

2, Enter OSBL mode(WARNING: If you get Format Disk message in Windows - always click Cancel !!!)
2.1, Power off the phone & Remove the USB cable
2.2, Press and hold the Vol+ button
2.3, Plug the USB cable, wait for the buzz, Release the Vol+ button

3, Run this tool as administrator user


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