Sucessfull Flash Nokia Lumia 510 by bb5 Best

card found: S/N 0EBxxxxx
registered to: jaipur telecom
Connect phone on selected interface...
Core : v1.58 , WP7x FlashEngine : v3.5
Flash Files selected :
AMSS : RM889_12w49_prod_generic_amss.esco
WP : RM889_12490_prod_227_02_boot.esco
UDA : RM889_12w49_prod_generic_user_area_erase.esco
Check files done, All files are Ok
Dead Mode is Selected
Waiting for USB device...
--- Press and hold 'Volume Up' button and insert cable! ---
Connection opened successfully
Establish connection with device...
Init Ok
Boot :
==== AMSS ====
Processing : RM889_12w49_prod_generic_amss.esco
amss.mbn.cert , Hash : B131DA19CE3B6B5F965AE2F2947199519A5F3279
amss.mbn.enc , len : 0x01245690 , Type : Data
Will flash 1 regions
AMSS flashing done
Processing : RM889_12490_prod_227_02_boot.esco
boot.img.cert , Hash : B131DA19CE3B6B5F965AE2F2947199519A5F3279
boot.img , len : 0x14AFF200 , Type : Data
Will flash 22 regions
Windows Phone flashing done
Processing : RM889_12w49_prod_generic_user_area_erase.esco
user_area_erase.cert , Hash : B131DA19CE3B6B5F965AE2F2947199519A5F3279
UDA file detected, will erase defined region
UDA erase done
UDA flashing done
Flashing done!
Flashing time : 00:03:04
Reboot device Ok
Phone disconected!
thx best team
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